Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Craps Wagering Strategies Using Actual Roll Data (2009-01)

Craps Wagering Strategies Using Actual Roll Data (2009-01)

I have enjoyed playing the game of craps for many years now and have decided to write about some of my experiences. In the day and age of electronic slot machines and other mindless casino games, craps is probably the most complicated casino game available to players. There are an endless number of wagers that players can make and this book reviews four of the most popular wagering strategies.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I recorded over 2100 rolls of the dice over the course of 18+ hours and 14 different casinos. This eBook looks at the actual roll data versus the theoretical roll data. Many times you hear about how the number should statistically appear. After charting 21 sessions, it opened my eyes to how the numbers really appear.

Included in this book is not only the roll data as mentioned above, but a closer look at four of the more popular wagering stategies, dice charting basics, money management tips, question and answers, and even a sample chart to begin your own data analysis.

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